Our Story

We are parents to a wonderful, bright, nine year old girl who can find everyday life pretty hard. After much turmoil and many challenges and years of trying to get the support she needed, we finally got her ‘diagnosis’ of ASD (Asperger’s

Support Each Other

In the years before, during and after our daughter’s ‘diagnosis’, we came to realise that there are very few resources or even charities able to give specific support for families of autistic girls. In Edinburgh, we have come across closed waiting

Colouring Outside The Lines?

We chose this name for its double meaning, simple as that. We grew increasingly frustrated with people telling our autistic daughter to ‘colour inside the lines’ when it was simply not possible for her – she wasn’t being naughty or doing it on

Is your daughter also Colouring Outside The Lines?

We would love to hear from you so we can share stories & experiences, learn from each other and help make sense of what is going on...

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