In the years before, during and after our daughter’s ‘diagnosis’, we came to realise that there are very few resources or even charities able to give specific support for families of autistic girls. In Edinburgh, we have come across closed waiting lists, groups that are for adults, groups that are only for pre-school, groups for boys but nothing for fabulous girls like our daughter.

We realised that if we wanted help and support we should really do something about it ourselves, so we did!

  1. Our PRIVATE facebook page has a strong, active, worldwide network of families with autistic daughters. A volunteer admin team monitors all join requests and only families of autistic girls are able to join. It is a supportive place to ask for advice and simply chat with families who know exactly what you are talking about!
  2. We organise regular meet-ups in Edinburgh (and a few other UK locations) for our daughters to meet & extend their friendship circle – siblings & family are always welcome. From craft sessions to dog walks, picnics to museum early openings, our events are calm, low pressure & high fun! We have a particular focus on introducing our wonderful girls to The Arts, STEM and cultural events so a new passion may be sparked. We also run nights out for mums & dads too.
  3. We are delighted to announce that we have been collaborating with Barnardo’s Scotland to provide an after -school group specifically for autistic girls (and those awaiting diagnosis). These weekly sessions are unique in Scotland and provide a much needed opportunity for our girls to meet other autistic girls, develop new friendships & build a strong circle of like-minded peers around them. We have funding until March but we are fully intending on applying for funding going forwards…