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I had a sneaking suspicion when I started this blog that I would be waffling away to myself, using it as some form of personal therapy and maybe, just maybe someone would read my words and they would strike a chord. I imagined that over time, the trickle effect would work and someone, whose experiences mirrored mine would get in touch and say that yes, they too had an ASD daughter and yes, they would love to share their experiences, frustrations and ideas with us. But, as we are so used to waiting and waiting for help to arrive, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Well, magically, I have proof that these posts are in fact being read and my frantic tweeting/blogging/facebooking (if that is even a word) is working. Five wonderful women, K, D, L, C & N,¬†have already got in touch with honest, heartfelt introductions. The similarities in our tales are not surprising, especially as we all happen to have girls who are ‘diagnosed’ or awaiting the ‘diagnosis’ of #ASD #HFA #Asperger’s.

The sense of relief and camaraderie is immense. I am stunned and amazed that there are indeed people out there who want to discuss, rant and laugh/cry in equal measures with me. I am delighted that my words have made a difference, have moved someone to get in touch. I am so grateful that they are letting me in to their lives, allowing me to obtain support and nurturing from them while I will hopefully do the same for them.

So, the words worked.




One thought on “Soothing Words

  • February 4, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Great that you are getting contact from other mothers. I know from personal experience how very isolating and stressful non diagnosis is……not a question of getting labels, but of understanding and feeling empowered to help your child.

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