According to our lovely (suspected) #ASD girl, Jelly is evil. It should not be allowed to exist and must never, under any circumstances, appear in the house. So, birthday parties and international trifle conventions are quite tricky but we manage.

As well as jelly being evil, jelly beans, jelly sweets, jelly multivitamins, anything with a texture closely related to jelly is just as villainous (and should apparently be banned from supermarkets). Whilst we are on the foods that are hated, pineapple and melon feature pretty highly as they too have a ‘nasty, horrid, throat-closing’ texture which will not be tolerated. Fizzy drinks and crisps are the nefarious newbies that are also refused.

So, what great, healthy taste our little lovely has – she loves the crunch of carrots and peppers but not the ‘bizarre, wet’ cucumber or the ‘vomit’ tomato. A fillet steak is fine (medium rare) but cheese, well that is a particularly contentious food; cream cheese is fine, mozzarella is tolerated, mild cheddar is passable but, anything that can be smelt from a distance of more than 20cm is an absolute no-no (so much so that we kept the Christmas cheese out in the shed).

Despite all these quirks, she has a brilliant appetite, wide repertoire of food and a love of trying new things (as long as she can eat the individual elements on a plate one at a time). Baking and cooking are a real passion and she has taken to her recently started Gluten Free #GF diet with aplomb. But food does have its pitfalls – it’s a big comfort blanket and she craves sweet things which we do our best to monitor (much to her annoyance).

I think one of the most remarkable things is her heightened sense of taste (and smell), it really is quite extraordinary. From a very young age, if I made stew or soup, she could identify every single ingredient in there from the twist of pepper to the leftover bit of parsnip I blitzed in there. It must be like a party going on in her synapses – she must experience taste to a much higher level than the rest of us. If such a simple thing as eating food sends her senses in to overdrive, no wonder her mind is always buzzing…

So, jelly may well be evil but as long as she loves her fruit and veg, I’m fine with that.


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4 thoughts on “Jelly is Evil

  • February 12, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    In my case, apples are poisonous and bananas are toxic. I always struggle with fruit, if someone peels, and prepares i can manage it but it really is a struggle. I am an Asperger with just enough adaptability to manage through the minefield of a neurotypical world, and because i know that fruit and veg is an important part of a healthy lifestyle i literally suffer the excruciating discomfort that is eating things with odd textures i dont like or flavours i distaste. Tomatoes have to be sliced very thin, the little bit the stalk was attached to has to be cut out and discarded, then a spoon of sugar on the tomato and i eat with my fingers clamped to my nose and hum as i eat it. The black comedy that is asperger’s follows me always it never leaves, and at 56 i am still surprised when i discover new things that being on the spectrum throws into the spokes of my life wheel.

  • February 12, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing – we see our daughter from the outside so it’s fascinating to hear a point of view from ‘inside’. Thank you.

  • February 13, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    My daughter Izabelle doesn’t like “normal sausages” they are apparently spikey on her tongue….chipolatas we are ok with. She avoids anything dairy because it smells funny. Get diet is usually very bland….although her favourite food is pasta with tomato and basil sauce. It has to be a particular brand as the others are too spicy. She will only eat dry bread or toast and has to feel the texture in her hands so often breaks it into crumbs. She has a heightened sensory profile so some smells are extremely off putting for her.

  • January 9, 2017 at 7:40 am

    Your comment about eating one food on a plate at a time made me laugh because last week my 8 year old ASD daughter looked at me over dinner and said “That is disgusting!!”. “What l?”, I replied in surprise. “Eating all your food together” she replied. (I think I had some pie, potato and peas on my fork at the same time.)

    Fascinating to see it from their point of view. I should try and do it more often.

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