leaf_1300_450Reading back over my blogs I realised I have written a lot about the ‘issues’ and the ‘problems’ we have encountered with our daughter’s suspected ASD but not about the amazing things our daughter can do – and there are many!

Every day, our funny little girl makes us smile and laugh out loud with her wit, turn of phrase and cheekiness. She has taken to adopting a ‘batting my eyelids’ affectation to try and get her own way, she knows exactly what she is doing which makes it all the more charming. Strangers who meet her are left with the sense that they have encountered the most articulate, friendly and interesting 8 year old they have ever come across and you can see them concentrating on every one of her clearly pronounced words.

Her attention for detail and long-term memory astounds us – the every day ‘blur’ of life – the people we pass in the street, a car registration plate, an especially cool hair style all get catalogued in her ever-expanding mind. She recalls the clothes she wore somewhere 3 years ago, the name of the waiter who was nice to her when she was 4, the really good breakfast options at a hotel we stayed in eons ago. In short, she takes the mundane and turns it in to a rich tapestry of interesting ideas, fascinating snippets and colourful anecdotes.

Ever since she could walk, she would ‘map’ a new place, a car journey, a friend’s house. On entering a new place, she would sneak off for a good look around – what we ook for nosiness was her way of placing where she was in relation to everyone and everything else. I would often hear from the back of the car on our way to nursery a little voice saying ‘wrong road’ if I happened to deviate and took a sneaky traffic-free route.

She is bright, she is clever, she is unconventionally brilliant at many things and her mind, although not conforming, is certainly magnificent. She is beautiful with dark hair, pale freckled skin and blue eyes (‘just like Snow White’ said one little girl who met her). She is fast, she is quick-witted, she is gentle, kind, lovable and fabulous company (when the mood takes her). She is healthy and we know she can do anything she sets her mind to.

We are lucky to have such an incredible girl in our lives.


One thought on “Counting Our Blessings

  • February 10, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Emily has a cheeky fun side to her and she’s a little trickster which we really appreciate and she knows her boundaries which is always a good thing. Her laugh is brilliant, really great- I always notice her laughing and it fills me with joy. She really understands and enjoys humour. She’s very good at finding great constructive ways of making things with materials and paints and has a great imagination. She’s a great listener and she learns well too. I don’t think she lets things she can’t do get in her way, she tends to find what she can do, which is a real accomplishment. She loves animals and appreciates the beauty of the great outdoors, I once took a picture of her in a free and happy state whilst singing in a world of her own, looking up at the trees in a Glen and I treasure that memory, she is so free and happy at times like that. She has a sweet relationship with her sister now, which is a real Blessing.

    Emily’s doing so well, I’m just so pleased and proud of her and also her sister for being so kind, helpful and understanding to her. (: I feel like I’m living a different life again when there’s been a bad patch and then things improve so much. It’s all good though, Emily is a sweet girl and these are the precious moments which get us through the harder ones. Knowing their beautiful smile (o:

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