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We love our daughter unconditionally.

But sometimes she makes it very difficult.

When she is in the midst of a meltdown or overload, as she was last night, it is virtually impossible to communicate with her in any way. Reasoned arguments go out the window. She can find any number of ways to disagree with anything that is being said to her.

Basically she draws up a force field; a brick wall that lets nothing through. Things that have been said get twisted and thrown back at us, the parents. She can contradict herself with the absolute conviction that she is still correct. Reason has taken a holiday.

At which point there is no use even trying to communicate with her as you are never going to win. So we say nothing. And that doesn’t work either.

What to do? Ride the storm. Two hours for us last night, leaving everyone absolutely exhausted. And the following morning? She’s back to being our lovely, caring daughter and happy to go to school. There is no point in holding on to the drama from the night before – it will do nobody any good.

But it lingers in the back of the mind, nagging. Of course we are affected by it – it would be impossible not to be. But we must move on from each incident, looking after her, trying to understand her and most of all showing that we love her.

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