pencilsOur real aim of setting up Colouring Outside The Lines is to join together parents of high-functioning Asperger’s girls (starting in Edinburgh and maybe one day, the world!). We are not trying to exclude boys or children on the full ASD spectrum, we simply want to try and match our experiences with others potentially going through the same thing with their little girls.

Our journey to this point has been long, hard and fraught with knock-backs, tears and frustration but lots of learning too. What we have gone through can surely help someone else by offering a virtual shoulder to cry on, an understanding ear and a positive approach to what we know will be a life-long journey.

Our daughter is an absolute little angel (with Jekyll & Hyde tendencies) and every day is a challenge, a challenge we are slowly starting to understand.

We have felt alone and misunderstood, like we are in a Kafka novel and at times suspected we might be going bonkers! On the outside our wee girl is bright, articulate, outgoing (with those she knows) and academically very able but there is a perpetual hesitancy, a problem relating to her peers and an inability for her to empathise with what is going on around her (‘Why are you crying mummy?’) and don’t get me started on the meltdowns!

It is hard to share this with even our closest and most understanding friends because it is so different to their daily life so, we would love to find others who would also like to share, laugh, cry and grow our knowledge of Asperger’s in girls and living with our lovely, unique girls.

Please follow our blog, comment, get in touch and we really look forward to meeting you whether virtually or one day in real life!


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One thought on “Hello & Welcome!

  • January 30, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    brilliant initiative, a much needed forum, good luck with it!

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